Pentax Optio E30 Reviews

LaptopMag has a review of the Pentax Optio E30 and writes, “Colours looked fairly accurate on our tests. A photo of a co-worker was well saturated with warm tones and a crisp focus. Noise wasn’t overly apparent on our test shots, even when we raised the ISO to its max setting of 400. The Optio E30 also shoots 28-fps VGA video with sound, but as with the other models tested, don’t expect to capture footage worth watching on the big screen.”

RegHardware has a review of the Pentax Optio E30 and writes, “Performance wise, photos taken with the Optio E30 appeared with very little noise. That’s thanks to the minimum ISO 80 and maximum ISO 320 settings that are used in automatic mode, depending on how much light you have. Noise only increases to distort the images as the ISO level is increased, but only users accessing the more advanced Program function can go as high as ISO 400. … A few nagging problems aside, the Optio E30 is a very good camera for the price tag. Images are as crisp and clear as a budget photographer could want, the viewing screen is large and it’s extremely easy to use right out of the box.”

Trusted Reviews has a review of the Pentax Optio E30 and writes, “The E30’s one saving grace is its picture quality, but even that has its limits. The lens performs well, providing good corner-to-corner sharpness with minimal distortion, and colour rendition and exposure are very good. Dynamic range is fairly limited, but then it frequently is with cameras in this class. As long as you manually set the camera to 80 ISO and only ever use it at this setting then noise control is also very good, but as soon as the ISO gets even as high as 160 there are image noise problems, which by the camera’s maximum setting of only 400 ISO are so bad the pictures are unusable. All in all a rather disappointing camera from one of the big name brands.”

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