Pentax Optio E10 Reviews

digitalcamerainfo‘ have reviewed the Pentax Optio E10 heres a summary.

At fewer than two hundred bucks, the Pentax Optio E10 is decent value for the money. While it’s not bursting with fancy features or the latest image processing capabilities, it does a solid job of taking pictures quickly and easily. But be warned, Pentax: Olympus manufactures the D-series, a line of low-end point-and-shoots similar to the Pentax Optio E10, many of which go for less than $200 online and Panasonic just released a $200 camera with their trademark MEGA optical image stabilization – a feature that alone makes it a better value than the Pentax Optio E10. If the new Pentax cameras are sharper than the Olympus models and less noisy than the Panasonics, then the Pentax cameras will definitely be a worthy foe. Nevertheless, Pentax will have to price competitively. Keep checking back for our full review, with full testing results.

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