Pentax 645D Review

Digital Camera Info has provided a first impression Pentax 645D review, here’s just alittle of what they wrote: “The top of the camera reveals more about the camera function than the other views. A simulated LCD display shows an exposure of 1/4000 at f/2.8. The news there is the apparent maximum shutter speed, which is high for a medium format camera. A section of the display shows the word “RAW” and below that is a rectangle that reads “645.” We could infer that Pentax 645D could hold 645 RAW images in memory – which would be a heck of a lot of 18 megapixel images – or we could guess that the 645D is a multi-format camera, and that “645” is a full frame shot, while a different crop is available. (The Nikon D2X is a prominent example of a multi-format camera.)”

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