Olympus Stylus 760 Reviews

Imaging Resource has reviewed the Olympus Stylus 760 and write, “Olympus’s Stylus 760 camera is a very handy size, and can produce good pictures under the right conditions. In my testing though, I was expecting more from its image stabilization system. You can always push an IS system beyond its limits, but I never felt I saw the level of sharpness improvement I’d normally expect from an image-stabilized camera when I was shooting with the 760. My other big gripe was that I found the LCD monitor way too hard to use outdoors, it’s just too reflective. With no optical viewfinder on the camera, outdoor shooting was not pleasant. It was usable if there wasn’t direct sun, and it was always OK indoors, but in full sun I found it almost impossible to frame my shots. I liked the camera operationally, the buttons were easy to use and the menu navigation was easy to learn. It’s also very nicely designed, is very stylish looking, and slips in and out of pockets very easily. Its splash-proof rating is also a very nice feature to see on a digicam, it’s great not to have to worry that a few raindrops might kill your camera. All in all, the Olympus 760 is a stylish and responsive camera, with splash resistance thrown in for good measure, and helpful features in the form of its Guide mode and helpful explanations in its menu system. If Olympus could just put a good anti-reflection coating on its LCD, I think they’d have a winner, but as it is, it counts as a near miss in my book.”

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