Olympus SP-500UZ Reviews

Olympus SP-500UZ Reviews Digital Photography Review has reviewed the Olympus SP-500UZ, here’s a little of what they wrote: Ultimately, the Olympus SP-500UZ is a perfectly good camera, and one with some very nifty tricks up its sleeve, but unless you rarely use the long end of the zoom or are happy carrying a tripod with you at all times, the lack of image stabilization negates most of the benefits of such a big zoom range. It’s not because of any really serious faults that we can’t really recommend this camera, it’s just that in the face of such stiff competition from so many other models it simply can’t hold its own, which is a real pity given the heritage Olympus has in the ‘ultra zoom’ market, and how promising the Olympus SP-500UZ looks on paper.

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