Olympus MJU 770-SW Reviews

ePhotoZine has a review of the Olympus MJU 770-SW and writes, “The colour rendition of the test shots is fairly accurate although on the colour chart test some of the blues did appear quite a lot brighter than they were in real life. In the case of the portrait shots, they were reasonably true-to-life in terms of colour, although on close inspection there did appear to be some red and purple tones around the area where the jaw line meets the hair. The noise tests show good results with no visible noise until the third or fourth test where there are darker areas appearing where the object meets the background. By the fifth and sixth shot noise is more noticeable but is still good quality for ISO settings of 800 and 1600. A hard wearing yet stylishly designed compact, the MJU-770 SW is practical, sturdy and life-proof with a variety of useful features.”

PhotographyPress has a review of the Olympus Mju 770-SW and writes, “Picture quality is good at the Super High Quality and at lower ISO settings. Ease of use (under “normal” conditions at least) is built-in, but the lack of any real manual control other than +/-2EV exposure compensation means anyone looking for more control might want to steer clear. However, those of you looking for a rugged, pocketable, yet stylish outdoor camera that can practically (and literally) go (almost) anywhere, then look no further.”

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