Olympus Mju 700 Reviews

Olympus Mju 700 T3 has reviewed the Olympus mju 700, where they write: “At its thinnest point (admittedly it gets a lot chunkier at the controls end), this is a crucial 2mm thinner than its nearest rival, the five-megapixel Nikon Coolpix S2. Whip it out on a wet and windy afternoon and you’ll get detailed and vividly-coloured snaps. There is some slight noise on background sky, but figures in the distance remain sharp. Overall, picture quality is impressive.”

ePhotoZine has published a review of the Olympus Mju 700 and write: “The well-thought-out design of the Olympus Mju 700, makes it a very easy camera to use. All of the controls are within easy reach of your thumb and the wedge-shaped body feels more secure to hold than other ultra-compact digital cameras I have used. The quality of images produced is good, although I would have liked the SHQ mode to have used less compression to reduce the appearance of Jpeg artefacts in the images. The well-controlled noise levels up to ISO800 make this a very flexible camera for shooting in all sorts of conditions.”

Pocket-lint has published a review for the Olympus Mju 700 digital camera and concludes: “Being very critical, image softness and slight lens/optical performance problems reduce captured detail. However, prints up to around 10×8 inches won’t show most of these image problems and the camera’s many great shooting features easily outweigh those drawbacks, making the Mju 700 a great value slice of photo-technology well worth a look.”

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