Olympus Evolt E410 Reviews

Olympus Evolt E410DPNow has reviewed the Olympus Evolt E410 camera, and writes, “One feature that works better than most is Olympus’ dual mode control display. Like most other more affordable DSLRs, there is no secondary LCD status display, just a large 2.5 inch colour display that serves to display pictures taken (not forgetting live view, of course) as well as view mode and settings status. Most cameras simply present a system of menus, but since the E-500 was introduced, by pressing the OK button, you can use the navigation buttons to highlight settings displays that, once highlighted, become adjustable, without delving into a menu, by turning the click-stopped settings adjustment dial. The system is brilliantly effective and you can choose between two display sizes, one with larger legends, though less options displayed. Conventional menus are also available via the ‘Menu’ button, or by clicking a highlighted option again using the OK button.”

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