Olympus E-330 Reviews

Olympus E-330 Reviews DCRP has reviewed the Olympus E-330 and write: “The Olympus E-330 is a breath of fresh air in the often stale world of consumer digital SLRs. While most new D-SLRs add things like more resolution and a larger LCD, Olympus has broken the mould and given us a camera with a live view LCD that everyone with a fixed-lens camera has been enjoying for ten years. Being a new technology, the live view feature is not without its problems, and the tradeoffs that come with it should be carefully thought over before you drop the thousand dollars (or more) On the E-330. If you can live with these tradeoffs you’ll find a capable digital SLR that lets you shoot in ways that were impossible — or at least back-breaking — on other cameras in this class.”

PCWorld has reviewed the Olympus Evolt E-330 and write: “The new Evolt’s image quality is good, with good detail and sharpness. Like many other Olympus cameras, the E-330 comes with factory settings that add a big contrast and saturation boost to your images. If you think it’s too much, you can easily tone down the effects by adjusting in-camera settings. If you shoot in RAW mode, you won’t have this problem. We tested the E-330 with the included kit lens–a 14-to-45mm lens that delivers a 35mm equivalent focal length of 28-to-90mm. The lens is small and well built with excellent edge-to-edge detail and no discernable vignetting (a flaw in which the centre of an image is brighter than the extremities).”

DP Review has published a useful review for the Olympus E-330 EVOLT digital camera. They write: “Image quality is a mixed bag, you can get some excellent results by shooting RAW and converting, unfortunately the camera’s internal processor appears to be the same as the E-300 / E-500 (with a little tweaking) which means a more ‘consumer like’ appearance to JPEG images and pretty unsophisticated noise reduction, ISO 1600 is so soft as to render many of those 7.4 megapixels unused. Colour was good, tonal response was good and dynamic range just where we expected it to be. We just expected more.”

Digital Camera Info has reviewed the Olympus E-330 digital camera and write: “Olympus is the first to offer a true live LCD preview on a DSLR. That will be a significant enticement for users moving from a compact digital camera to a digital SLR; it’s the technology that makes the E-330 the first true transitional camera. On top of this, Olympus added a range of other interesting and useful technology. We hope the Olympus E-330’s image quality can keep up with the rest of its features.”

CNET has reviewed the Olympus E-330, they gave it a rating of 7.7 of 10 and further write: “Olympus puts a second sensor to better use with its Evolt E-330: to provide its digital SLR with a live preview, just like those in standard snapshot cameras. Though the LCD certainly can’t replace the viewfinder for most shooting, it turns out to be quite useful to have around. Aside from that innovation, the 7.5-megapixel E-330 is a decent, feature-packed, solidly built model, albeit with a few flaws. Opting for Olympus’s f/2.8-to-f/3.5 14mm-to-54mm (28mm-to-108mm equivalent) lens rather than the f/3.5-to-f/5.6 14mm-to-45mm (28mm-to-90mm equivalent) that ships with the kit version makes this a more expensive–but ultimately more rewarding one–proposition.”

Lets Go Digital has reviewed the Olympus E-330, here’s just a snippet from their review: The introduction of the Olympus E-330 digital SLR camera is very much welcomed and interesting for future development of new generations digital SLR cameras. The Live View mode is a very useful feature and the solution of Olympus is offering simply the best of both worlds. Olympus has invested a lot of their experiences into the new Olympus E-330 camera resulting in a rich featured entry-level digital SLR camera with a lot of innovative solutions. 7.5 Megapixels, multi-angle LCD display with Live View mode, and the incorporation of the Supersonic Wave Filter, eliminating the dust problem, are key features to give Olympus every tool necessary to turn the Olympus E-330 into a big success.

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