Nikon S500 Reviews

Megapixel has a review of the Nikon S500 and writes, “Set to 7M*, the Coolpix S500 yields very good images, especially when photos are captured outdoors and with good light, the images showing good sharpness and excellent colour rendition. And, for a modestly higher price than the S200, the S500 offers a true image stabilization system, and an excellent monitor, both of which represent valuable assets when taking photos. This, in combination with a compact body and a solid construction should make the S500 a perfect companion on outings and vacations.”

Photography Press has a review of the Nikon S500 and gives it a 9 out of 10: “Response or rather responsiveness is not the problem for start up times (around 0.8 of a second) or shutter lag, with a very impressive 0.005 of a second being the Nikon quoted speed, so the camera can really be ready to fire as quickly as you when set up properly. Image quality is excellent up to ISO 200, good at ISO 400 and about the average for this resolution from then on. But one thing that is not average is the Coolpix S500 is a beautifully crafted camera, the stainless steel body looks – and is – very strong, its posh, brushed metal look provides extra poise and poseur panache.”

Trusted Reviews has a review of the Nikon S500 and writes, “All things considered, I’d have to say that if the Coolpix S500 is Nikon’s attempt to beat Canon at the ultra-compact game then it isn’t entirely successful. While the inclusion of optical image stabilisation in such a small camera is an achievement, and the build quality and appearance of the camera are excellent, the image noise problems, slow focusing and poor low-light performance are major handicaps. If I was looking to buy a 7MP ultra-compact, I don’t think it would be this one.”

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