Nikon D50 Reviews

Nikon D50 Reviews Camera Hobby has reviewed the Nikon D50 SLR where they write: “For those that demand more from the camera, they should be looking at the D200 or D2 series of pro cameras as being the appropriate tools for use in demanding environments with commensurate performance. For the intended market Nikon is catering the D50 towards, consumers wanting better quality than high-end digicams, the D50 has a good mix of features and capabilities and the various D50 kit prices are competitive with high-end digicams that can’t match the speed, handling, and high ISO performance of the D50. Given the choice between say the Sony R1 and the D50 with a kit lens, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that I’d take the D50 that offers much better flexibility and ability to grow with you as one develops as a photographer.”

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