Nikon D40x Reviews

Photography Press has reviewed the Nikon D40x camera and writes, “The image quality, handling, responsiveness and features strike the same great balance for its target market as on the D40 but, I for one don’t feel the extra £100 for the higher resolving sensor makes total sense for you, the buying public. Yes, it means Nikon has a camera that can go head to head with Canon’s EOS 400D, but this is more a marketing ploy than trying to bring a better product to market for the photographer. But to be fair, just like the D40, the D40x is a slightly more expensive but still excellent D-SLR for the first time D-SLR buyer on a more modest budget and for those that feel they really do need the extra resolution over the D40. It’s compact and lightweight too, and ultimately an excellent choice.”

PixInfo has also reviewed the Nikon D40X and writes, “The Nikon D40X is the next logical step from Nikon. They have had the well designed and successful body of the Nikon D40, and had the proven sensor from the D80. By putting them together they could easily cover the gap between their entry level low resolution DSLR and the semi professional Nikon D80. Those who are happy with the 6 megapixel resolution can choose the Nikon D40, while the megapixel maniacs can go for the new Nikon D40X. The D40X corrects some of the problems we have seen at its smaller sibling (sensitivity to infra red and moiré), while keeps the same body with the limited number of buttons and the lack of automatic dust removal system. Honestly, we would have expected a few extra features over the higher resolution to justify the higher price tag, but this camera is not bad either.”

Camera Labs has a review of the Nikon D40x and writes, “If you’re a beginner or buying your first DSLR, the D40x is a much friendlier proposition. It guides you along while featuring a superb metering system which is rarely fooled. It’s definitely the better 10 Megapixel DSLR for beginners, but more experienced photographers will almost certainly prefer using the Canon or Sony – although it has to be said if you’re after even greater sophistication, the Nikon D80 is comfortably better still. So ultimately if you’re a beginner who loved the D40 but wished it had higher resolution, then go for the D40x. If however you want a technically more sophisticated DSLR for roughly the same money, then the Canon 400D / XTi and Sony A100 have more going for them, although if you can stretch a little further, Nikon’s own D80 offers even more still.”

CNET has a review of the Nikon D40x and writes, “Nikon’s D40x is a very impressive camera. While not quite as fast as the Canon Rebel XT, it does offer a higher resolution, though the Rebel is less expensive. If you’re considering the D40x with the 18mm-135mm kit lens and you’ve shot with an SLR before, you’ll probably prefer the control system of the D80, which also includes a coupling pin, so you can use it with older Nikon AF lenses and retain the autofocus capability. If you’re stepping up to your first DSLRs and don’t have a stash of old lenses, the D40x is a good choice. … The Nikon D40x makes a very nice first DSLRs, though experienced SLR shooters looking for a Nikon should spend the extra cash for the D80.”

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