Nikon D200 Reviews

Nikon D200 digital SLR Camera Creative Pro has posted a Nikon D200 review and write: “For people who own Nikons and want to stay with what they know, the D200 is an exciting release. Great image quality and better overall specs make it a valuable addition to the Nikon product line. If you’re not already a Nikon shooter, then the D200 is a great offering — as long as you’re comfortable with the camera’s controls. Interface affinity is a very subjective thing, and you really must make that call yourself. While you’re testing, ask yourself if you can easily get to the essential, everyday shooting functions: exposure compensation, ISO speed, bracketing, drive mode, and if you’re a JPEG shooter, white balance. Then consider secondary operations: changing to priority or manual mode, metering, and focus modes.”

Lets Go Digital has reviewed the Nikon D200, they gave it 5 out of 5 and write: “Summing up all of the above, we can conclude that Nikon has caused an earthquake in the current D-SLR market with the arrival of the D200. A camera of this excellence with such a staggering amount of functions and outstanding image quality, in combination with its price-tag, is truly unheard of. The consumer is the one that will benefit most from this, a fact that we can only applaud. It was a bit of a wait, yet worth every single ounce of our patience! The Nikon D200 is a true shining star, a camera of which we are guaranteed to hear more in the near future. Credit to Nikon!”

Popular Photography has published one of those Nikon D200 Vs Canon EOS 30D type reviews, and write: “If you’re willing to spend the extra $300 that the D200 costs over the Canon EOS 30D, and you don’t have a Canon lens stockpile, then choosing the D200 is a no-brainer. If you’re a pro, the choice is harder. Sure, Nikon’s D2x can take more abuse and has a longer-life shutter, but you could buy two D200s, a battery grip, a few lenses, and a flash for the price of one D2x body. And the only advantage an EOS 5D has over the D200 is its full-frame sensor, which gives you the same field of view on a lens as on a 35mm SLR. Is that worth $1,300 more? You decide.”

DCRP has reviewed the Nikon D200 DSLR and say: “Photo quality was excellent as well. Photos were properly exposed, with vivid colours and low purple fringing and noise levels. As is typical with D-SLRs, images are very smooth, and some folks may want to sharpen things up a bit. My only real photo quality complaint is that noise levels are higher than I would’ve liked at ISO sensitivities above 640. They’re not horrible by any means, but after just reviewing the Canon EOS-5D, I’m a bit spoiled. Then again, the 5D costs $3299 and the D200 is $1699.”

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