Nikon Coolpix S50c Camera

Nikon Coolpix S50c CameraThe Nikon Coolpix S50c is a 7.2 megapixel camera with 3x optical lens and a hefty 3.0 inch LCD screen. Indistinguishable from the S50, the Coolpix S50c provides wireless technology to connect to other devices for the easy transferring of images through WiFi.

The S50c comes with in camera red eye reduction, face recognition auto focusing and ‘best shot’ selector mode. The camera also sports true optical image stabilization for low light camera work and Nikon’s D-Lighting technology.

The Nikon Coolpix S50c is expected to retail for $350 (USD) when it becomes available in April.

Nikon Coolpix S50c News Release

Nikon has added two new stylish and feature-packed digital cameras to the Nikon Coolpix Style Series line-up, the S50 and S50c. These cameras combine enhanced imaging quality and performance with an eye-catching wave surface design. The Coolpix S50 and the Coolpix S50c boast 7.2 effective megapixels, a 3x Zoom-Nikkor glass lens and a huge, bright 3.0 inch LCD screen. These cameras also utilize an Optical VR Image Stabilization system, ensuring the consumer will be able to capture stunningly sharp images. What’s more, the Coolpix S50c also offers the additional advantage of a built in Wireless capability for e-mail and image storage with the enhanced Coolpix CONNECT 2 service.

The Coolpix S50 and S50c combine technologies that are Nikon hallmarks: exquisite design coupled with superior optics and high resolution with advanced picture taking functions that allow anyone to take great pictures,

says Bill Giordano, General Manager Marketing, Coolpix for Nikon Inc.

Bye-bye blur

Not only do the Coolpix S50 and the Coolpix S50c feature 7.2 effective megapixels, allowing the consumer to make superior quality prints in a variety of sizes, they also incorporate advanced technologies which help create new opportunities to take sharper, and more natural looking photos. These technologies include the new Optical VR Image Stabilization, high sensitivity up to ISO 1600, and Best Shot Selector (BSS) which can all be activated by pressing the Anti-Shake Button, conveniently located on the top of the camera. These features allow the S50 and S50c to produce shots that are steady, sharp and stunning.
Beauty with brains

Nikon is making it easier than ever to get great-looking pictures with a handy One-Touch Portrait Button that acts as a shortcut to three Nikon In-Camera Image Innovations to correct common photo problems. This system includes Face-priority AF, which was the first system to automatically find and focus on a subject’s face, In-Camera Red-Eye Fix, which automatically detects and corrects red-eye, and D-Lighting, an innovation that automatically creates a copy of the image with detail added where necessary, but with well-exposed areas left completely untouched. These cameras also feature huge, bright, high resolution 3.0-inch LCD monitors with a 170-degree viewing angle and an anti-reflection coating, so they are able to facilitate easier composition and high-quality playback anywhere, even in direct sunlight.
Furthermore, the LCD monitors serve as excellent platforms for Pictmotion™, which allows users to select their favourite images or movies, as well as music (up to 10 songs) and combine them automatically in-camera to produce audiovisual shows in VGA quality for the ultimate photo-sharing experience.

Going Wireless

Coolpix S50c users can take advantage of the second generation of Nikon’s exciting Coolpix CONNECT services. Coolpix CONNECT 2 makes it easy to share pictures with friends and family from just about anywhere by allowing the user to email images directly from the camera through open access wireless hotspots. Through the new version of Coolpix CONNECT, S50c users can also store up to 2 gigabytes of images and movies on a secure Nikon server, providing a valuable back-up of priceless images.

Both the Coolpix S50 and the Coolpix S50c come bundled with Nikon’s PictureProject software. The PictureProject software is powerful and user-friendly and makes transferring, organizing, editing, and sharing photos a snap.

The Coolpix S50 and the Coolpix S50c will be available nationwide in April 2007. The S50c has an MSRP of $349.95, and the S50 has a MSRP of $299.95.

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