Nikon Coolpix S500 Reviews

Vnunet has a review of the Nikon Coolpix S500 and writes, “Reviewing the S500’s pictures on a computer, daylight images reveal a nice even handling of exposure, slightly cool yet naturalistic colours, and the level of sharpness you’d expect from a budget compact – meaning that it can be improved in the image- editing software of your choice, but otherwise won’t disappoint. Though pixel fringing is again in evidence – a line of differently coloured pixels between areas of high contrast – this is not uncommon and the S500 handles it better than most. However, some of our shots of blue skies took on a distinctly purplish hue. Very possibly Nikon’s most attractive compact snapshot so far, there’s little to criticise here save for the fact that focusing could be even swifter and it’s around £50 dearer than those with similar key features.”

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