Nikon Coolpix L2 Reviews

Nikon Coolpix L2 Reviews Photoxels has reviewed the Nikon Coolpix L2 in which they write: “When I first saw the Nikon Coolpix L2 in a camera store window display, I was immediately drawn to the simple design and slim line. It looks bigger in pictures than it is actually…. The Nikon Coolpix L2 is strictly entry-level and should make a great present for a first-time user. It is slim, light, easy-to-use — and very affordable. Recommended for “sunny outdoors” use.”

Megapixel has posted a Nikon Coolpix L2 review and write: “Very easy to use, the Coolpix L2 is a good first point and shoot digital, and a good introduction to digital photography. Once the batteries are inserted, the camera is instantly ready to shoot as it has 23MB of internal memory. Furthermore, the external controls are easy to figure out, and even the menu options are simple to master, offering only the possibility of adjusting the white balance, or of compensating the exposure should the subject the camera is capturing turn out a bit too bright or too dark.”

Steves Digicams has released a Nikon Coolpix L2 review, here’s his summary of the digital camera: “The Nikon Coolpix L2 is equipped with ~23MB of internal memory and a SD memory card slot, no card is supplied with the camera. Images and movies can be copied from internal memory to SD card or vice-versa. We recommend the purchase of at least a 256MB (or larger) SD card or your picture taking will be quite limited. Face Priority AF mode actually detects the presence of a human face in the frame and focuses on it. Some of the other portrait scene modes have onscreen framing guides to help you properly position your subject for the desired effect.”

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