Nikon Coolpix L1 Digital Camera

Nikon COOLPIX L1 and the Nikon COOLPIX L101

Nikon UK is pleased to announce the introduction of the COOLPIX L1 (silver model) and the L101 (black model).

Nikon COOLPIX L1 The COOLPIX L1 is a lightweight and compact digital camera with a 5x optical zoom. As with all Nikon compacts, the COOLPIX L1 has a powerful 38-190mm Zoom-Nikkor lens (35mm equivalent), affording users the freedom to compose a selection of different shots; zooming in for tight portraits and zooming out to capture wide-open scenery.

The COOLPIX L1 also features a CCD that has been specially designed to deliver higher performance within smaller dimensions, packing in an impressive 6.2 effective megapixels that ensure superb clarity. The camera also features a large, bright, easy-to-view 2.5-inch LCD monitor which makes composition and play-back easy. Design wise, the COOLPIX L1 is simple, streamlined and attractive. Its curved grip is stylish, whilst enabling comfortable, stable shooting.

The multi-selector button and a Graphic User Interface (GUI) enable the user to select functions by name or icon, whilst the handy HELP button offers simple explanations for main menu functions.

Unique Nikon capabilities enable automatic in-camera improvements; D-Lighting automatically compensates pictures taken with excessive backlight or insufficient flash, adding light and detail to darker areas, while leaving areas with desirable exposure exactly as they are. The Face Priority AF function has the ability to detect human faces in the frame and then provides optimal automatic focus for sharper, more satisfying portraits. Another handy feature is the Blur Warning function which lets the user know when an image has been compromised by camera shake, enabling re-composition for better results.

The In-Camera Red-Eye Fix function detects the red-eye effect that can sometimes be caused by flash, then automatically corrects it in-camera for consistently better portraits in low light.

With a choice of 15 Scene Modes, the COOLPIX L1 is well equipped to tackle a wide range of situations whilst ensuring excellent results. The Scene Assist function (available to a select number of Scene Modes) offers the additional benefit of automatic composition, enabling the user to take better images.

The COOLPIX L1 features 10MB of internal memory and is compatible with all widely available SD memory cards. The COOLPIX L1 offers movie-shooting capability with sound at up to 30fps, with a choice of TV-size, small-size and smaller size shooting.

PictBridge enables the camera to be connected to a compatible printer for printing without the need for a computer, while USB connectivity makes it easy to transfer data to computers and other peripherals. The COOLPIX L1 also comes complete with Nikon’s PictureProject software, which offers simplified image editing, organizing and sharing with a range of user-friendly functions.

Note: Specifications, design, product name, standard accessories, and release schedule may differ by country or area.

Higher performance from a smaller CCD

Specially designed to realize smaller dimensions that assist in facilitating the compact size of the COOLPIX L1, the 1/2.5-inch CCD offers the added advantage of even higher performance. Packing an impressive 6.2 effective megapixels, it enables the shooting of sharp, clear images that retain their quality even when significantly enlarged.

5x zoom capability in a compact body

Despite its compact dimensions, the COOLPIX L1 features a powerful 38-190mm Zoom-Nikkor lens (35mm equivalent) that gives you the freedom of 5x zoom. Delivering greater compositional freedom than the average compact digital camera, it allows you to zoom in for closely composed portraits or zoom way out for expansive landscapes, for example.

Features for simple shooting. Features that improve images in-camera

A range of 15 Scene Modes makes it easy to achieve pleasing images in a range of common shooting circumstances. There is also a range of unique Nikon functions that gives the photographer the power to actually improve images in-camera. Available in Playback Mode, the D-Lighting function lets users select images with insufficient flash or excessive back light. D-Lighting then automatically creates a copy of the selected image, but with added light and detail wherever necessary. Face-priority AF, available in Portrait Mode, has the ability to detect the presence of a human face in the frame, achieving crisp focus on it automatically for satisfyingly sharp portraits — regardless of where the subject is located in the frame. There’s also In-Camera Red-Eye Fix, which automatically detects the red eye effect that can be caused by flash and corrects it to produce better portraits in low light.

AA-size battery compatibility

Compatible with AA-size batteries, which are widely available around the world in lithium, rechargeable and other forms, the COOLPIX L1 makes it easy to keep on shooting virtually wherever you travel.

Nikon Coolpix L1 Reviews

‘Steves Digicams’ has reviewed the Nikon Coolpix L1 digital camera, here’s his view: The Nikon Coolpix L1 is equipped with a 5x Nikkor optical zoom lens with a 38 – 190mm (in 35mm equivalent) focal length coverage. The maximum aperture is F2.9 to 5.0 and it has a dedicated macro mode. When powered down the lens retracts and is protected by a built-in shutter, no lens cap needed.

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