Leica M8 Reviews

Shutterbug has a review of the Leica M8 and writes, “there are nits to pick to be sure, like why can’t a $4795 camera shoot more than 10 full-resolution frames faster than 2 fps, or why is the battery charger so large and clunky, or why do you have to buy a Leica Tri-Elmar f/4 16-18-21mm ASPH lens with big auxiliary finder for $3900 (list) to get ultra-wide angle (21-28mm) coverage? However, all this pales into relative insignificance when you consider what the Leica M8 actually is. It is a superlative picture taker that combines the feel, finesse, and functionality of the classic Leica M with a sensor capable of capturing and delivering the image quality of the Leica M lens line, which includes some of the finest optics in the world. That’s why it will never be obsolete, even though, like all digital cameras, it will eventually be superseded. Is it worth the money? Yes, if you savour its unique virtues, which are considerable.”

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