Kodak EasyShare V610 Camera Reviews

Kodak EasyShare V610 Reviews PC Mag reviews the Kodak EasyShare V610 and write: “It’s an ultra compact. It’s a super zoom. It’s even wireless. Is this some kind of Orwellian digital camera triple speak? No, it’s Kodak being (mostly) truthful in introducing its new 6-megapixel dual-lens camera, the EasyShare V610 (US$449.95 list). I love the idea of the V610, but the pictures I took didn’t blow me away, and the price is no bargain. In the end, the V610 is a good camera that has some unique features, but it falls short of being a great buy.”

Pocket Lint has reviewed the Kodak EasyShare V610 where they give the digital camera a rating of 9 out of 10 and write: “My worries for this camera revolve around the issue of image blur from camera shake. Noise control is good but not good enough at ISO 800, which is a shame because it is the only option open to you to get faster shutter speeds at those longer focal lengths. Despite this, the Kodak EasyShare V610 provides an remarkably compact camera with a remarkable zoom range and provides the sort of shots most snappers will be more than delighted with.”

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