Kodak EasyShare C663 Reviews

‘Digitalcamerainfo’ sum up the Kodak EasyShare C663 in this review: The Kodak EasyShare C663 is part of Kodak’s point-and-shoot series, and, in combination with the EasyShare printer, provides a quick and easy way to take pictures and make prints if you want to give copies of photos to people at a party, for instance. However, there are cheaper point-and-shoot cameras available, and the Kodak EasyShare C663 lacks image stabilization and a number of features, like customisable white balance and manual focus, which may be a problem for more advanced users. Still, the C-series by its very nature is geared towards less-advanced photographers. For a better price with features geared more towards a novice, look elsewhere in the C-series; for more options, look towards Kodak’s Z-series—assuming you have your heart set on Kodak. There are plenty of other manufacturers out there, and the trend this year is simpler cameras at a lower price, so options will be plentiful.

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