HP Photosmart R927 Reviews

HP Photosmart R927 Reviews CNET has published a HP Photosmart R927 review, they gave the digital camera a rating of 6.2 out of 10 and write: “Most digital cameras come with the assumption that the user has at least some knowledge of photography – but not HP’s Photosmart R927. Sure, it’s the 8-megapixel flagship of the company’s camera line, but with a menu and help system that’s every bit as slick at its sculpted, brushed-aluminium casing, the Photosmart R927 doesn’t require you to know anything to get started with this camera. As in the past with some HP cameras, we were less than satisfied with its image quality. Still, very casual snap-shooters will likely be pleased with the R927, especially if they’re just getting into photography, but discerning users will be disappointed with the final output.”

Digital Camera Tracker posts a HP Photosmart R927 review and write: “HP’s Photosmart R927 is one fun camera to take pictures with. Menu navigation is without a doubt one of the easiest I’ve seen. Easy navigation combined with the 3 inch LCD makes for larger than normal print, which makes it SUPER easy to read. With that said if you will be making large prints you might be dissatisfied with the purple fringing issue. Otherwise, the R927 records well exposed photos with rich colours. The camera fires up almost instantly and is ready to go. However, once you begin taking pictures the R927 is a little arthritic and suffers from slow processing. If you’re the kind of person that’s bothered by that type of thing you might look to another camera. Personally, once I discovered that the R927 was a little on the slow side I just took it into consideration and from then on it didn’t matter.”

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