HP Photosmart R837 Reviews

CNET has a review of the HP Photosmart R837, and gives it a 6.6 rating: “We were not impressed with the pictures produced by the R837. While noise never reaches horrific levels, thanks in part to the R837’s meagre top sensitivity of ISO 400; it is more prominent than we typically expect at each of its ISO settings. Even at ISO 100, which should usually be quite clean, we clearly saw noise when viewing images on computer monitors, though this noise likely won’t be as noticeable in prints. At ISO 200, noise is markedly worse, slightly obscuring some finer details and sucking some of the detail from shadows. At ISO 400, noise is abundant, becoming especially annoying on computer monitors, though smaller prints will still likely be useable. However, finer details and much of the shadow detail go out the window at ISO 400.”

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