Fuji F40fd Reviews

DCResource has a review of the Fuji F40fd and writes, “Photo quality is really where the FinePix F40fd struts its stuff. The camera takes sharp, well-exposed photos with accurate colours, and very little noise — even at ISO 800. The lack of noise comes with a price though, as you’re getting strong noise reduction in exchange for it. The artefacts caused by NR smudge away detail (especially in things like grass, trees, and fur), giving photos at higher ISOs a fuzzy look. At lower ISOs there’s a definite “grain” from the noise reduction that you don’t see on most cameras. Still, keeping the target audience of the camera in mind, the photos at higher sensitivities are much better than the competition, and they look great as 4 x 6 inch prints. If you take a lot of photos in less-than-desirable light, this camera is a great choice (as long as you don’t plan on printing 20 x 30 posters). The F40 surprised me by picking up very little redeye in our flash test — most unusual for a compact camera like this.”

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