Casio EXILIM Z1200 Reviews

EPhotoZine has a review of the Casio EXILIM Z1200 and writes, “With a very large pixel count noise was always going to be an issue, and the good news is that it’s kept under control up to ISO200, but at ISO400 it really isn’t very good and is worse than compacts with a lower resolution. At the ISO50 and 100 settings though, the extra detail is significant and really makes the image look incredibly detailed. While there are issues with the LCD not being overly accurate, and there’s no burst mode shooting, the basic operation of the camera, with low ISOs, is fine and it produces very nice images that are high enough res that they can be cropped. … The Z1200 has two main features then. They are high quality and high resolution, and if those are the two main items on your camera requirement list, then it’s a good purchase, if not quite an all-rounder for general use.”

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