Casio EXILIM Card EX-S770D Camera

The DivX Certified Casio EXILIM Card EX-S770D camera will be available on-line throughout Europe in November. The new Casio model is a successor to the popular EX-S600D, the first DivX Certified camera from Casio. The Casio EX-S770D improves on its predecessor by increasing the megapixel count to 7.2 and allowing for video capture in a wide-format movie function (16:9 aspect ratio) that combines with DivX functionality to create breath-taking video. In addition, the Casio EXILIM EX-S770D camera allows consumers to easily access the interoperable DivX ecosystem, to play, create and share high-quality video content across a range of devices and platforms. This includes DVD players, recorders and portable media players. Content created on the camera can be played on all PCs with DivX software installed and on DivX Certified consumer electronics devices from the world’s leading brands.

I am very excited about the release of our new EXILIM Card EX-S770D digital camera, which features the outstanding DivX technology that users appreciated so much in its predecessor, the EX-S600D

said Susumu Takashima, director at Casio and head of the Digital Camera Unit.

Casio’s card-sized digital cameras are designed to deliver high performance in a compact, slim shape, and have been very well received by the market. Users are making the most of our cameras to take not only still images, but movies as well, all with the greatest of ease. Our latest card-sized model takes movies in DivX� format, and is being marketed in Europe where DivX is extremely popular. Compared to previous models, the EX-S770D also has a larger display. We look forward to countless users experiencing the joy of taking and viewing both still shots and movies.

By expanding their line of DivX Certified digital cameras, Casio is giving consumers the ability to create very high quality video that they can experience in a truly open and interoperable way,

said Jim Geison, Vice President of Worldwide Sales, DivX.

Users of the EX-S770D can easily share and distribute their personal content across a wide range of devices, an advantage that is not offered by other digital video technologies that are confined to the PC.

Products that bear the DivX Certified logo have undergone a rigorous testing program to ensure interoperability, security and visual quality. DivX Certified products enable consumers to create, play and share high-quality video content across a range of devices and platforms. Over 50 million DivX Certified devices from a variety of manufacturers have shipped worldwide.

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