Casio EX-S600 Digital Camera Reviews

Casio EX-S600 Digital Camera news and reviews.

Casio EX-S600 Digital Camera The Casio EX-S600 Digital Camera is the next evolution in this popular line of ultra-slim card-sized high-resolution digital cameras, boasting 6 mega pixel photos and the ability to reduce camera shake instantaneously when recording quality MPEG-4 movies, a major addition to this line.

The Casio EX-S600 Digital Cameras ability to take state-of-the-art movies instantly and easily adds to the versatility and fun of this powerful and high quality digital camera. The Casio EX-S600 Digital Camera fits conveniently in any pocket to go wherever you go, ready to quickly capture all those special moments. No matter how spontaneous the situation, the EXILIM engine’s Anti Shake DSP reduces blurring caused by shaky hands and/or moving subjects, and the Casio EX-S600 Digital Cameras Auto Macro and Quick Shutter functions ensure that photos are properly focused.

We’re very excited about the launch of the Casio EX-S600 Digital Camera, which not only packs a punch with six mega pixels into a pocket-sized camera, but also reduces camera shake when recording MPEG-4 movies,

says John Clough, President of Casio, Inc.

Casio once again exhibits fashion with function, as the new Casio EX-S600 Digital Camera will be available in three stylish colours – silver, orange, and blue. The Casio EX-S600 Digital Camera is the perfect accessory for business or leisure, as it incorporates Casio’s best of class technology, allowing for great pictures and videos in an ultra slim body.

In addition to enhanced resolution, the Casio EX-S600 Digital Camera’s 3X zoom and increased battery life, allowing up to 300 shots per battery charge, provide significant photographic flexibility. Whether framing a shot, reviewing images, or watching movies, everything is brighter when displayed on the Casio EX-S600 Digital Cameras adjustable 2.2 inch LCD – approximately twice as bright as previous models, making it ideal for outdoor use. Small enough to conveniently carry wherever you go, the Casio EX-S600 Digital Camera has one-touch buttons that allow for quick start-up of the camera to view images, take pictures, and take movies; all designed to quickly capture special moments. The Casio EX-S600 Digital Camera connects easily to a TV or PC via the multi cradle, which also doubles as the battery charger.

The Casio EX-S600 Digital Camera continues the EXILIM CARD tradition of offering cutting-edge technology packed into a small, slim, and stylish body. With high quality photos, advanced movie recording capabilities, and a tremendous range of remarkable functions, CASIO once again exceeds expectations by providing a conveniently portable means of preserving memories to be cherished for a lifetime. Thanks to ShinyShiny for the Casio EX-S600 Digital Camera pic.

The MSRP of the Casio EX-S600 Digital Camera is $399.99, and will be available at retail beginning end of March 2006.

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