Canon PowerShot SD630 Reviews

Canon PowerShot SD630 Digital Camera Tracker has published a Canon PowerShot SD630 review and write: “Taking pictures with the Canon SD630 was enjoyable and easy. In the picture quality area there is nothing to complain about because the SDF630 delivers snappy photos with vivid colour that seems to jump right off the monitor. It’s fast to turn on, power up and recycle time between shots seemed almost instantaneous. I did not like how Canon buried the important features several layers down in the menus. If there’s one thing that will bring a camera’s fun level down it’s when manufacturers hide the really important functions several layers down.”

Digital Trends posts a Canon PowerShot SD630 review and recommend: “I really enjoyed shooting with the Canon SD-630 Digital ELPH. It takes very nice photos with colours that are spot on. The compact camera feels right and can be easily carried for the spur of the moment snapshots. It’s designed for the point-and-shoot crowd or someone who just wants a shade more options in their photographic arsenal. Anyone who wants to adjust the aperture or shutter speed should look elsewhere. Although a solid camera I did find myself wishing for optical image stabilization since the camera is so small, it’s hard to hold rock steady. For less than US$400, that’s too much to ask for. If you want it, Canon has the new US$499 6MP SD700. That said anyone who picks this baby will be happy with the decision.”

Steves Digicams has also published a Canon SD630 review and write: “The PowerShot SD630 is a outstanding camera that offers great image quality, robust performance, and various user-friendly exposure modes, all packed in an ultra-compact, durable and stylish shell. It’s sure to make an excellent choice for any user in the market for an extremely pocketable, high resolution digicam. At about US$399, it offers a good value for an “ultra-compact” 6-megapixel model. If you like the features of this camera, but don’t need such a large LCD, be sure to check out the PowerShot SD600. It includes almost every single feature found on this model for about US$50 less.”

CNET has reviewed the Canon PowerShot SD630 and gave it 7.6 out of 10 and write: “It may be small, but the Canon PowerShot SD630 is fierce. This little 6-megapixel point-and-shoot manages to pack zippy performance and snappy photos into a package you can fit in your pants pocket. If you have large hands, you’ll probably find its control layout a little uncomfortable, and it doesn’t have an optical viewfinder, but the SD630 is still a great compact camera.”

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