Canon PowerShot SD30 Reviews

An upgrade to last year’s SD20 model, the Canon PowerShot SD30 adds a zoom lens (a particularly welcome addition), and makes noticeable strides in shooting performance, with a faster shutter response, and significantly better shot to shot cycle times. When it comes to picture taking, while actual exposure control remains automatic, the ability to adjust ISO, White Balance, and access longer shutter times significantly increases the camera’s shooting range. Thanks to its high-speed DIGIC-II processing chip, it’s also surprisingly responsive for a subcompact digital camera. The wireless remote is a big plus if you like to display slide shows on your TV set, too. Canon PowerShot SD30 ReviewImaging Resource

if you’re in the market for a stylish little point-n-shoot that can be tucked away just about anywhere, the Canon PowerShot SD30 Digital Elph might be the camera for you. It offers great image quality and performance, all with the features and quality we have come to expect from Canon. The only negatives I found were the awkwardness of the Zoom controls and the slow frame rate of the VGA movie mode. With 5-megapixels there’s enough resolution to create up to 13×19-inch size prints or cropped prints of a smaller size. The SD30 has an MSRP of around $399, which nowadays is rather expensive for a consumer digicam. Canon Powershot SD30Steves Digicams

Based on its specs alone, the PowerShot SD30 is a fairly standard camera: it has a 2.4X optical zoom — a touch shorter than many of its competitors — a compact size, a 5-megapixel resolution, a 1.8 inch LCD monitor, and SD memory compatibility. What differentiates it from the rest of the cameras occupying that particular segment of the marketplace, is that it has a stylish exterior that can be had in a variety of colours, and a Camera Station — a docking cradle — that makes it simple to connect the camera to a computer, a printer, a television, or simply to recharge its battery. Canon Powershot SD30 Digital CameraMegapixel

The Canon PowerShot SD30’s photo quality is good in most respects. Outdoors it takes smooth-looking photos with accurate color and low noise levels. Corner softness i was an issue in some of my real world photos. Indoors you’ll be disappointed with the camera’s weak flash and high redeye, which is why this camera is best suited to the outdoors. Noise levels in long exposures were a bit higher than I would’ve liked. Also disappointing was the camera’s movie mode, which isn’t nearly as good as those on the other cameras in the SD series. Canon PowerShot SD30 Digital ELPHDigital Camera Resource

Photoxels has reviewed the Canon PowerShot SD30 Digital Camera and say: The Canon PowerShot SD30 Digital ELPH is a beautiful ultra compact digital camera that gives great looking pictures. If you take a lot of flash pictures, the results come out very good as long as your subject is portrait distance away (i.e. waist shot). It looks really good in black (with silver/chrome accents), but if you fancy something in another colour, it also comes in red, gold or violet.

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