Canon PowerShot S3 Reviews

Lets Go Digital reviews the Canon PowerShot S3 and write: “All the positive sides of the PowerShot S2 IS seem to have found their way to its successor. The Canon PowerShot S3 is an exceptionally compact digital camera that is easily carried along. The DIGIC II processor ensures a fast and proper processing of the image information, just as was the case with its predecessor. The Canon S3 IS camera can be equipped with a variety of accessories, such as an external HF-DC1 flash, a tele converter, a wide-angle adapter and a lens hood.”

CNET has reviewed the Canon PowerShot S3 IS and write: “The Canon PowerShot S3 IS’s aesthetic seems to be a cross between those of a classic Volkswagen Beetle and a Busy Box. Granted, it’s the same body as its predecessor’s, but the silver bits stand out more against the current version’s iridescent, dark grey plastic than they did against the previous model’s silver colouring. As with the S2, there’s certainly enough here to keep you busy for a long time, though, and loving every minute of it.”

DCRP has published a Canon PowerShot S3 review, they like this latest digital camera and write: “While not exactly an exciting upgrade over its predecessor, the Canon PowerShot S3 is still an excellent ultra zoom camera that earns my recommendation. It offers just about everything you want in a camera, from a big zoom lens to optical image stabilization to manual controls to a fancy movie mode…. Overall, I really like the PowerShot S3, and it earns my enthusiastic recommendation. Yes, it has a few flaws, but doesn’t everything? For people wanting a solid and capable ultra zoom camera, this one should be high on your list.”

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