Canon PowerShot A700 Reviews

Canon PowerShot A700 Lets Go Digital has reviewed the Canon PowerShot A700, they give the digital camera a rating of 78% and write: “May the results of our tests be clear. The remarks made about the slightly more negative sides of the Canon PowerShot A700 are generously outweighed – and even erased – by the camera’s strong points and assets. The Canon PowerShot A700 is an excellent digital camera with major potential. A camera that suits a very broad group of consumers, not to mention a perfect first step to a more advanced camera. Its compact size and light weight encourage the user to carry the camera along often. The Canon A700 evolved from a strong concept, and will without question continue the success of the Canon PowerShot A series digital cameras.”

Megapixel has reviewed the Canon PowerShot A700 where they write: “With a 6-megapixel resolution, a 6X optical zoom and a large 2.5-inch monitor, the A700 is a versatile camera. The 6-megapixel image size allows detailed images, and makes it easy to print these out to an 8 x 10 size at nearly 300 dpi. The 6X zoom is not only able to capture clear images of relatively distant subjects, it also makes it possible to zoom in and capture a subject discreetly, without having to push in and disrupt the mood – perfect when photographing children. The large 2.5-inch monitor makes it easier to preview the shot, or compose it; and in playback ascertain the sharpness of the image by zooming into any part of it, with a magnification of up to 10X.”

Digital Photography Interface has reviewed the Canon PowerShot A700 where they write: “The Canon PowerShot A700 has everything an entry-level budget camera should have and more. Its two main features – 6x optical zoom and full manual controls – set it apart from competition. The A700 is probably meant to be a camera for beginners who eventually learn and use the controls of the A700, or even those who want a compact camera with manual controls. Okay, the A700 is not tiny but it’s compact enough to fit into larger pockets or hang around your neck. The A700 has a full set of manual controls and expandability with a variety of accessories, including filters and conversion lenses.”

Steves Digicams has written a Canon Powershot A700 review and writes: “The Canon PowerShot A700 is an awesome consumer digital camera. One that I would highly recommend to anyone in the market for a fair priced model with loads of user friendly features and outstanding image quality and performance. Its 6x optical zoom will blow away the competition’s typical 3x zoom, and with 6-megapixels, you can create beautiful 13×19-inch or larger prints. With an MSRP of only US$349, it offers an excellent value and is sure to be a very popular model this year.”

Neo Camera has published a Canon PowerShot A700 review and write: “This camera, while not perfect, turns out to be an excellent one. It is suitable for general photography both as a point-and-shoot and for various creative photography subjects. Image quality and versatility of this camera is surprisingly good. Noise levels are low for a compact camera, however the Fuji Finepix E900 is currently the only compact digital camera that beats it. Image sharpness is excellent and so are exposure, shot-to-shot speeds and focus speeds. Colour is generally quite accurate and vibrant, except for the occasional problem in very bright areas of images. The Canon PowerShot A700 does have other downsides but it scores where it counts for a photographic tool. Indoor and action photography are really the weak points of this camera due to its slow flash-recycling and LCD update latency in continuous drive mode.”

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