Canon PowerShot A640 Reviews

Canon PowerShot A640 Megapixel has reviewed the Canon PowerShot A640 and concludes, “Many of the features of the A640 are devised so that it is appropriate for a wide variety of users: the A640 provides a simple to use point-and-shoot Auto mode, perfect for a novice; a large number of scene modes that can meet the needs of an intermediate user; and the Creative Zone modes — program, aperture priority, shutter priority and manual — are what most advanced users will want. With a 10-megapixel CCD, the A640 offers a high resolution image that is able to capture a superb level of detail and which guarantees great prints. And this, combined with a broad set of modes that allow a photographer to grow, make it one of the best compacts on the market today.”

PhotographyReview has a review of the Canon PowerShot A640 and writes, “The Canon PowerShot A640 is a great do-it-all compact digital camera. There’s very little to find fault with, especially with the small price tag. The image quality is excellent for a compact, the size is a good compromise between pocket-sized and super-zoom cameras, and it’s got modes and controls to meet almost any photographic need. The ISO 400 and ISO 800 image quality are good enough that most people won’t miss having image stabilization. On the other hand, image stabilization would help people get more and better photos and it’s the one thing that I would say is missing from the camera.”

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