Canon PowerShot A620 Reviews

Canon PowerShot A620 Lets Go Digital has posted a Canon PowerShot A620 review, they give the digital camera a rating of 77% and write: “In practice the Canon PowerShot A620 is a pleasure to use. Apparently, Canon has made a good concept even better and this makes the Canon A620 an absolute first amongst amateur cameras. Canon’s success seems unstoppable. The Canon PowerShot A620 is eminently suitable for both the beginner as well as the more demanding photographer”

Digital Camera Info has reviewed the Canon PowerShot A620 and write: “Despite all this, the Canon PowerShot A620 is still a good deal. It offers automatic, scene, and priority modes for beginners. It also has a manual mode where users can adjust the shutter speeds and apertures for themselves. There are live views to facilitate the transition from automatic to manual. And the camera’s heavy four battery set up gives it fantastic battery life, with 350 shots per batch. The Canon A620 retailed for $399 when it was first introduced to the market, but can be found for a hundred bucks less now – making it one of the best deals for users after a pocket camera with manual functions.”

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