Canon Powershot A550 Reviews

Canon Powershot A550 has a review of the Canon Powershot A550 and writes, “On the whole I was extremely impressed with the set of test shots produced by the Powershot A550. Although a little more expensive than some of the very cheapest models this camera can still be bought for a very reasonable price. Compared to other cameras in and around this price range I felt the pictures taken had a clear edge on all the rival cameras I have tested. … As prices fall and you can pick up digital cameras by named brands for around £70 this is one of the more expensive cameras towards the lower end of the market. In my opinion though the Canon Powershot A550 underlines the fact that if you are prepared to pay a bit more for your digital camera you will be well rewarded when it comes to picture quality. Recommended.”

Imaging Resource has posted Canon PowerShot A550 review and writes, “High ISO isn’t as high as some other similar cameras, but the results are very good. You can get away with printing an 11×14 from the A550, and it looks darn good. You can see some colour noise at that size, but contrast and vibrancy are very good still. Print at 8×10, and you won’t notice that it’s an ISO 800 shot … The Canon PowerShot A550 is a great basic digital camera whose images will make you feel like a pro. Canon’s interface has evolved to a point of excellence, as well, with most of the features you’ll find on Canon’s more expensive digicams. The A550 is still a little slow, but in most measures it’s faster than last year’s A520 and A530. We love the 7.1 megapixel sensor, which delivers amazing images for the money; you might think they’re amazing for even more money. We’d have to agree with you.”

IT Reviews has reviewed the Canon PowerShot A550 and writes, “Leaving everything on automatic produces very respectable shots. The nine-point auto-focus works well, as does the camera’s macro mode which will focus down to 50mm. If you need more control you can switch to manual to set your own exposure compensation, white balance and ISO speed. The optical zoom gives a good range and is backed up by a further 4x digital zoom. The camera’s ability to shoot at up to 800 ISO means it’s good in lower light conditions indoors, as well. … It’s easy to use as a first-time digital compact, but has the specification to stay with you until you reach enthusiast level. It’s crying out for a higher-capacity memory card, though, and still needs work on its control buttons.”

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