Canon PowerShot A430 Reviews

Canon PowerShot A430 PC Mag has reviewed the Canon PowerShot A430 and write: “With a 4-megapixel sensor and a 4X optical zoom lens, the Canon PowerShot A430 ($179.95 list) is a really nice buy for an inexpensive, compact digital camera. The lens offers a 5.4mm-to-21.6mm range (equivalent to a 35mm lens with a 39mm-to-156mm zoom) and corresponding maximum f-stops of f/2.8 to f/5.8. But I wish Canon would offer more ease-of-use and help features in the menus; this would be a big help to beginners who never crack the camera’s manual.”

CNET has posted a Canon PowerShot A430 review, they gave the digital camera 6.8 out of 10 and write: “Canon’s 4-megapixel PowerShot A430 is a bit of an oddity these days. New 4-megapixel cameras have all but gone the way of vinyl records and slide projectors. With even bargain-bin digital cameras sporting 5-megapixel sensors, why is Canon releasing the A430? The Canon PowerShot A430 is an upgraded version of the bottom-of-the-line 3-megapixel PowerShot A410, which it replaces as Canon’s cheap, no-frills digital camera. In that role, the camera actually performs pretty well. Despite some irritating image-quality problems, the A430 is a nice, simple point-and-shoot camera with solid performance and a decent feature set.”

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