Canon ESO-1D Mark III Reviews

Rob Galbraith has a first look review of the Canon ESO-1D Mark III and concludes, “With an EF 300mm f2.8L IS and an EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS, the camera was so fast that I personally made frames I’m convinced wouldn’t otherwise have been sharp. The EOS-1D Mark II N and the 300mm are a pretty fast combination already, less so with the 70-200. And yet, both lenses on the Canon EOS-1D Mark III felt absolutely turbo-charged. Without question, when the AF system is first engaged, this new camera can accurately figure out the subject distance faster than any camera we’ve ever used. … After that, our preproduction EOS-1D Mark III is a mess. It can’t hold focus on static subjects very well and it can’t track moving subjects very well. While Canon didn’t provide any details about the autofocus limitations we would encounter in the preproduction body, we hope this is what they were referring to and this is what engineers have been solving since. The autofocus does show signs of brilliance. But we can’t check off too many items from our autofocus wish list until a non-beta EOS-1D Mark III is in the house.”

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