Canon EOS 5D Camera Reviews

Canon EOS 5D Camera Labs has reviewed the Canon EOS 5D and write: “Build-wise the EOS-5D may be little more than a 20D or 30D with a higher resolution, full-frame sensor, but the resolving power is a big step-up from 6 and 8 Megapixel cameras, and while you may need technical charts to notice any detail advantage over Nikon’s D200, the benefits of the low noise full-frame sensor are clear and rivalled only by Canon’s high-end 1Ds Mark II. Sure, you may need to match the 5D with high quality optics, but Canon’s range of f4.0 L models are relatively affordable – and while the 24-105mm f4.0L is an ideal all-rounder, it’s the 17-40mm f4.0L which really shows off the sensor’s potential coverage.”

Imaging Resource has posted a Canon EOS-5D camera review where they write: “In addition to all the test results and analysis, we did notice something intangible in the images coming from the Canon EOS 5D. Others have mentioned it too: greater detail in the shadows, and a finer tonal range that give the images a special glow that you don’t get from a 20D or 30D. We do notice a difference in the tonal curves on the 5D, which might account for the unique flavour 5D images seem to have. For the record, we highly recommend the Canon EOS 5D as a full-frame d-SLR option, but do counsel readers to consider their sub-frame options carefully before taking the plunge with a 5D.”

Shutterbug has reviewed the Canon EOS 5D camera and write: Personally, I would feel secure paying the tab for a Canon EOS 5D, especially if I were doing photography for business and profit. But these are unsettled times and the road ahead seems to be enveloped in fog. I can’t speak for what the future will hold, but if a great performing camera is what you want and need, and you have the courage, go for it. It seems to me, from what I’ve experienced using the Canon EOS 5D, it’s unlikely to disappoint.

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