Canon EOS 30D Reviews

Canon EOS 30D Reviews Digital Camera Info have posted a Canon EOS 30D review and write: “The Canon EOS 30D has several important refinements over its predecessor, the Canon EOS 20D, and it maintains that camera’s many strengths. Its solid build, excellent image quality, and respectable speed (5 fps at 8.2 megapixels) make it a very attractive camera for a range of users. Weddings, portraits, photojournalism, family pictures, and even landscapes are perfectly within the Canon EOS 30D’s scope, as many thousands of 20D users have proven. Photographers who own other Canon SLRs have a very good option in the 30D: it can be either a step up from the Rebel or Rebel XT or a moderate-cost backup to the 5D or 1D series. The 30D feels very substantial and professional compared to the Rebels, and its interface and build quality look just fine in comparison to Canon’s more expensive cameras.”

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