Canon EOS 30D DSLR Reviews

Canon EOS 30D DSLR Reviews Steves Digicams has reviewed the Canon EOS 30D SLR and write: “Viewing the 30D as a mid-life refresh of the successful 20D, photographers upgrading from consumer digicams and Canon film SLR’s will find it very attractive, especially considering its body-only street price of under $1400. Users of Canon’s earlier dSLR’s, the Digital Rebel, 10D, D60 and D30, may find the 30D’s improvements sufficient to justify its purchase, especially sports shooters who will benefit from its improved AF performance and reduced noise at high ISO settings. Users of Canon’s 20D will likely not find the 30D sufficiently advanced to justify an upgrade; those with the upgrade itch should instead consider improving their lens inventory with high quality glass that will not only improve the results from their current camera, but also any EOS dSLR they might purchase in the future.”

PCWorld has posted a Canon EOS 30D review and write: “The Canon EOS 30D’s interface is a model of elegant simplicity: Almost all of the controls that you’d use in everyday shooting are accessible via a button. Yet because Canon doubles up the functions of the camera’s buttons, the unit is not over laden with buttons and knobs. As a result, finding the control you’re looking for is uncomplicated, and making adjustments with one hand is easy. Still, I wish that there were an external bracketing control, so I wouldn’t have to navigate a menu, and that the power switch weren’t inconveniently located at the bottom of the back panel.”

Imaging Resource has published a Canon EOS 30D DSLR review, they really like this popular digital camera and write: “The exceptional nature of the Canon 30D should come as no surprise though, given that it’s a refinement of an already superb digital SLR, brought up to date with a few features the market’s been wanting. The camera performs well in every respect. Colour is accurate, image noise very low, resolution excellent, and the camera is very responsive, both to the shutter button, and from shot to shot. The interface is well designed and straightforward; and for current EOS owners it couldn’t be more familiar. Because the 30D uses the same sensor as the 20D, it manages to maintain low image noise at high-ISO, on par with its predecessor. Digital Rebel and Rebel XT owners wanting a little more control will also want to give the 30D a look. Anyone looking for the benchmark of quality in a relatively affordable D-SLR with a lens should consider the bundle, which for only $100 more than the body alone includes a versatile and decent quality 18-55mm EF-S lens. Those wanting a little more might want to look at buying the body by itself and purchasing the EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM, an image-stabilized lens that is versatile enough that most users will never need to change it. Just in case you didn’t already guess, the Canon EOS 30D is *highly* recommended!”

Bob Atkins has published a Canon EOS 30D DSLR review and writes: “I’ve been shooting with an EOS 20D since it was introduced in the fall of 2004 and I’ve been very happy with it. I expected the EOS 30D to be essentially the same and in many ways it is, though I have to admit that it is a nicer camera to use. I really like the larger and more visible LCD, which for me makes the camera quite a lot easier to use without putting my reading glasses on (which is a pain). The addition of the spot meter is a welcome improvement too. I don’t use a spot meter very often, but it is nice to have it there for when I do need it. While I don’t personally shoot long continuous bursts very often, I can see how the EOS 30D could make life a lot easier for those who do. That would include sports photographers and anyone who does a lot of action work.”

Lets Go Digital has published a review for the Canon EOS 30D DSLR, they think it’s a ‘fantastic camera’ and gave it 5 out of 5: “Even though the Canon 30D may not exactly be a revolutionary digital SLR camera, and the expectations were somewhat subdued, it is still a truly fantastic camera. The concept was already solid as could be, but with the introduction of the Canon EOS 30D, Canon have once again clearly asserted and strengthened its roots and their position. There are virtually no points that might cause any form of hindrance for the user, which, in our opinion, is an excellent performance indeed. A superb camera!”

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