Canon Digital IXUS 70 Reviews

PhotographyBLOG has reviewed the Canon Digital IXUS 70 and concludes, “Unfortunately image quality isn’t quite up to the high standards set by the rest of the camera, with image noise being the main issue. The 7 megapixel images are noisy and slightly blurred at ISO 400, with ISO 800 and particularly 1600 being best avoided. With no optical image stabilisation system available, this limits the camera to good light photography only. ISO Auto Shift is a useful feature that’s sadly let down by the quality available at ISO 800, whilst beginners will love the Face Detection feature which provides well focused and exposed family pictures. So the Canon Digital IXUS 70 is obviously not going to satisfy everyone, as it doesn’t offer full manual control over aperture and shutter speeds and the image quality is not best in class, but if you want a stylish ultra-compact camera, the IXUS 70 is still well worth considering.”

DigicamReview has also reviewed the Canon Digital IXUS 70 and writes, “The Canon Digital IXUS 70 / SD1000 is an excellent ultra compact digital camera – image quality is very good with great colour and detail although images are slightly soft. This camera is one of the slimmest Canon digital cameras available and is a camera that you can take anywhere and use in almost every situation. This camera has a lot of options and features which makes it a very capable and useful digital camera, one that could easily be used as a main or backup digital camera. The Canon Digital IXUS 70 is ultra-compact with a metal body, and scores highly in all of the key areas: image quality, features and price, and is therefore recommended.”

Trusted Reviews has taken a look at the Canon Digital IXUS 70 and writes, “Canon’s noise control system is usually very good, and the IXUS 70 is no exception. There is no visible noise from 80-200 ISO, only a slight amount at 400, and even at 800 and 1600 the noise reduction system greatly reduces visible colour distortion, although there is considerable loss of detail especially at the highest setting. My main concern with regards to image quality is the surprisingly high level of purple fringing visible on many of my test shots. I know this is a common problem with many small compacts, but I would have expected better from such a sophisticated little camera as the IXUS 70. … The Canon Digital IXUS 70 is a wonderfully stylish ultra-compact which offers lightning-quick performance, outstanding low-light ability and a useful range of features. Value for money is also surprisingly good for what is usually an expensive brand. Its picture quality isn’t perfect, but it can produce good results under difficult circumstances. For social photography and holiday snaps it will not often disappoint.”

TechDigest has a review of the Canon Digital IXUS 70, and gives it 3 stars out of 5: “The IXUS 70 has a rather high asking price of £249 for a 7.1 megapixel model, although shop around online and you should be able to get it for significantly less than this. If you’re after a small camera to carry with you most of the time, then it fits the bill, especially given its fast start up time. However, greasy finger marks will ruin its shine and you’ll have to contend with the slightly over complicated menu systems.”

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