Canon A570 IS Reviews

Camera Review has a review of the Canon A570 IS and writes, “With great image and colour quality, image stabilization, excellent shutter lag and continuous shooting capability, manual controls and versatile “auto” performance, this camera can ably serve a novice who never leaves the “auto” setting or provide a learning tool for someone looking to get some manual experience before possibly jumping into the DSLR world. The optional teleconverter gives the camera a 245mm focal length to bring those distant subjects a bit closer. Overall, anyone who wants good performance at a very reasonable price should give serious consideration to the A570 IS.”

Imaging Resource has a review of the Canon A570 IS and writes, “The Canon A570 IS is a capable all-around camera with some high-end features that are more useful than exotic. High ISO is usable and image stabilization so useful you almost always want it enabled. Digital zoom was a bit of a disappointment on this 7.1-megapixel camera, but otherwise the DIGIC III image processor provided above average performance yielding some wonderfully natural shots in a variety of settings.”

Trusted Reviews has a review of the Canon A570 IS and writes, “In terms of image quality, the A570 has many good points and one or two not so good. Exposure and colour rendition are first class as one might expect, and dynamic range is surprisingly good for a 1/2.5-in sensor. The overall level of detail is good, but the lens does produce noticeable spherical distortion at the wide end of the zoom range, and corner sharpness is surprisingly poor. Refreshingly there is no sign of purple fringing even on the brightest highlights. Image noise is very low at up to 200 ISO, reasonable at 400, but becomes a real problem at 800. The 1600 ISO maximum sensitivity, which is touted as a feature of this model, is pretty much useless. However as long as you bear this limitation in mind the PowerShot A570 IS is capable of turning in good results under varied lighting conditions, and will seldom disappoint.”

Digital Camera Info has a review of the Canon A570 IS and writes, “Sadly, more than a few PowerShot A570 IS’s will likely end up damaged or broken. However, for just over $200, the Canon A570 IS a bargain for casual users, who will benefit from its hefty feature set. The face detection and image stabilization combination will save, conservatively, gazillions of snapshots taken by the careless, clueless or chemically-compromised user. It’s less likely that the A570 IS’s other advances – a 7.1-megapixel sensor and a high-end ISO of 1600 – will help users as much, though their inclusion, coupled with the camera’s manual controls and exceptional colour performance, make the A570IS an unusual bargain at its price.”

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