Canon 1D Mark III Reviews

ProPhotoHome has a review of the Canon 1D Mark III and writes, “if I could have only one camera to try and cover all areas of pro photography this would be it. So, if you are a generalist, who many of us are these days, this camera is hard to beat. … The 1.3 cropped sensors is a nice focal length providing a lot of balance. The new controls and ergonomics are top-notch. The image quality is arguably the best available at the moment. The autofocus works well. What is there not to like? A superior upgrade to the 1D MKII indeed.”

More Canon 1D Reviews

CNET has a review of the Canon 1D Mark III and writes, “Images shot with the Canon EOS 1D Mark III can be absolutely stunning. Colours look extremely accurate, and the automatic white balance does an excellent job of neutralizing colours under a variety of lighting situations. The only times it became confused was in situations in which there was mixed lighting, and even then it produced pleasing, if not absolutely spot-on results. If paired with a sharp lens, the 1D Mark III can produce images with a vast amount of fine detail. However, where this camera really shines is its ultralow noise. Even at its highest sensitivity setting of ISO 6,400, we were able to make pleasing prints. … If you can afford the cost of the 1D Mark III, and are a Canon shooter who doesn’t absolutely need the higher resolution of the 16.6-megapixel 1Ds Mark II, then this camera is a no-brainer.”

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