Aigo A215 2GB MP3 player

The Aigo A215 2GB MP3 player provides 50 hours music playback from a single AA battery and supports most file formats including WMA9 and WMA10. Other features include 2GB storage capacity, backlit screen and a voice recorder. The Aigo A215 2GB MP3 player retail price is £70 (GBP) and is in the stores in [...]

  • August 26th, 2006
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iBlueTube iPod Amplifier

iBlueTube iPod Amplifier facts:

iPod docking station
Remotely controlled
Available: August 2006
Price: 42,800 or 64,800 (JPY)
Weight: 650 grams
Size: 295 x 130 x 68 mm

  • August 7th, 2006
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Signeo SN-A800 MP3 Player

Five quick facts about the SN-A800 from Signeo:

Designed by Marc Newsome
Is just 6.5mm thick
It has an FM tuner
It can record MP3s
Available in three 1970s colours including black, blue and yellow

The Signeo SN-A800 MP3 player will be available for an expected $180 (USD) for a 512 Megabyte model and $250 (USD) for a 1 Gigabyte [...]

  • August 7th, 2006
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JVC XA-F57E MP3 Player

The JVC XA-F57E MP3 player features 512MB flash memory capable of storing up to 120 MP3s, an LCD screen with backlight, 5 preset EQ and 1 user modes and an 18bit Sigma-Delta D/A converter. Upon fully charged the player’s Lithium-ion battery can provide up to 11 hours of playback, also provided within the device [...]

  • August 7th, 2006
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Green Apple Apod AP3100 Media Player

Green Apple Apod AP3100 media player features a 3.6-inch TFT LCD, 1.3 megapixel camera and a SD memory card expansion slot. The AP3100 can playback both audio and video and supports file formats such as MP3, WMA, JPG, GIF, BMP, AVI, DivX and XviD. The Green Apple Apod has the dimensions of 4.72” x [...]

  • August 3rd, 2006
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Datasafe Oomi MP3 Player

The Datasafe Oomi is a 2GB MP3 player which was also known as the Pebble, one of the smallest players around. The MP3 player features a bright OLED display (64 x 48, mono colour), lyric & M-Sync support, EQ, User EQ, DBB and 3D sound quality. The Oomi also features a voice recorder as [...]

  • July 25th, 2006
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The Boom Bag from GRO Design

boom bag, concept accessory for mp3 players

Take your music outdoors
share music with others
listen without headphones

GRO design presents the boom bag – a design concept intended as an accessory for iPods and mp3 players it is made from durable and weatherproof speaker fabric. Housing a full-range speaker and rechargeable battery, it is easy to carry [...]

  • July 12th, 2006
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Samsung YP-T9 Audio Player

The Samsung YP-T9 Audio player which is just 0.43” thick, and weighs a mere 1.7 oz features support for Bluetooth wireless, FM radio, voice recorder, photo and text viewing, plus two colour 3D games. Furthermore, the YP-T9 from Samsung, can also playback video at 15 frames per second. The player which supports file formats [...]

  • July 11th, 2006
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Cowon iAudio U2 2GB Player

The Cowon iAudio U2 2GB player features an LCD display (128 x 64px), FM tuner, and built-in microphone. The iAudio U2 which is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery offering up to 20 hours of playback supports audio file formats such as MP3, WMA, OGG and WAV. The Cowon iAudio which weighs just 34 [...]

  • July 10th, 2006
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Creative Zen V Plus MP3 Player

The Creative Zen V Plus MP3 Player which features an FM radio, voice recorder and a 1.5-inch OLED screen weighs just 43.5 grams and measures a mere 67.5 x 43.5 x 15.9mm. The media player offers up to 15-hours of playback and will be available in a spectrum of colours. As GizmoWatch states, the [...]

  • June 28th, 2006
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