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Coming from a long line of mobile phone products, the Motorola Wireless Headset Motorola HS810 is the third generation wireless headset. Though it’s not the lightest one we’ve tested, the Motorola HS810 has one of the slickest form factors and the smallest in size with boom closed. The Motorola HS810 supports up to eight different Bluetooth 1.1 compliant devices including Bluetooth cell phones, PDAs and computers that have either headset or hands-free profile.

The earpiece on the Motorola HS810 is oval. Though housed in 2” long plastic with silver finish on the front side, the earpiece has a large clear plastic cover, allowing the pulsing blue light to shine through. This feature is designed to show other people when you are on a call so they don’t barge in on you while you are having a phone conversation.

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one of the best things the Motorola HS810 has going for it is the physical design. This is a bit strange, since my first impressions of the design after seeing photos of the Motorola HS810 were just the opposite. It just didn’t make sense to me. But I am glad to report that all that changed when I actually got my hands on the Motorola HS810 for the first time (back when I did the V600 Aston Martin edition review).

The folding microphone boom acts as the power switch. When folded, the device is off. When extended, it turns on. This is really very cool, and in my case led to the conservation of a lot of standby time because I simply turned the device off when I wasn’t wearing it. In the past with other headsets, I tended to leave the headset on all of the time. But it is so fast and simple to activate the Motorola HS810, I find no need for that.

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The greatest problem we found with the new Motorola HS810 Bluetooth headset wasn’t that it made all our calls sound like we were underwater, nor that people we talked to complained of poor quality voice or speech at their end, but the fact that there are no instructions in the box on how pair the device with your Bluetooth enabled phone.

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The Motorola HS810 Headset is Motorola’s third generation wireless headset. The Motorola HS810 is one of the slickest headsets to hit the market, and supports many different bluetooth compliant devices such as cell phones, PDA’s, and computers. With its compact size, foldable boom and light weight, it will turn more than a few heads!

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I purchased my first Motorola HS810 over a year ago. It worked great. The form factor is terrific, the sound quality great, and the Motorola HS810 worked well with the two different phones I’ve used since purchasing it.

The only problem is that the hook within the microphone that activates the headset broke within three months of my purchasing it. I thought perhaps I was too rough on it, carrying it in my coat pocket most of the time it wasn’t in use.

Motorola replaced it under warranty and I began using the new Motorola HS810. Rather than carry it in my pocket, I kept it in it’s caryring case in the glove box in my car. This Motorola HS810 lasted four months before the same piece broke. This time, I was able to glue it back in and continue using the headset for another couple of months before it fell out somewhere in my car.

Having had two Motorola HS810 break in a year, I firmly believe the issue is either poor design or manufacturing. Too bad, because this headset could be a winner if I wasn’t having to send for a new one every few months.

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One of the nice features on bluetooth is that it is not manufacturer specific. Meaning that any brand Bluetooth headset should be able to work on your bluetooth device. I happen to own a Motorola V600 and the Motorola HS810 headset had the look to go along with my phone and the functionality I craved.

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